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West Valley Pipeline

Connecting job seekers to employment, training & education resources and opportunities, for the future success of individuals & industry partners, enhanced quality of life and regional economic vitality.

Industry Spotlight Forum

Hear from industry experts, West Valley employers, training providers and workforce development partners in a webinar series spotlighting resources for job seekers across 6 target industry sectors identified by the West Valley Pipeline regional workforce strategy.

The West Valley’s regional workforce implementation strategy was developed in partnership with government, education and business leaders to identify, quantify and grow the existing diverse and skilled workforce while fortifying the future required pipeline in target industry sectors.


Recruiting made easy. Your jobs are automatically matched and pushed to the candidates that fit your requirements. The platform even provides candidate management tools to make it easier for employers, of all sizes, to connect with the right candidates.

Job Seekers

Get matched with up-to-date jobs from businesses looking to hire now. Find education and training resource to build skills toward your next opportunity with programs and certifications for high-demand careers.

  • See the newest local listing all in one place
  • Be seen by employers looking for your skills
  • Get daily job matches
  • Find virtual hiring events
  • Message with a Career Advisor
  • Explore education & training options

Training & Education Providers

Click here to register your online learning opportunity. Additionally, if you have an interest in getting your education and training programs online please email us at info@pipelineaz.com.

Quick & Easy Registration


  1. Quickly fill out registration.
  2. You will be approved within 24 hours.
  3. Add as many jobs as you would like for immediate candidate matches.

Our hiring event team will contact you shortly after registration.

  Employer Registration

Job Seekers

  1. Quickly fill out registration.
  2. Be sure to fill out the resume builder.

Immediately, you will be contacted by a career coordinator to discuss opportunities, timing, and matches.

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